Protection from all the elements - Fire, hurricanes and cyclones and temperature.

Produced from inert gypsum plaster, Hamannwall has a 1 hour fire rating when unfilled or a 4 hour fire rating when filled with concrete.

By using a simple tie down system, the roof is secured through the cavity of the wall to the foundation giving it significant protection against high winds.

Further, Hamannwall has a high thermal insulation and when the hollows are filled with insulation even greater thermal properties are achieved.


Saves energy and the environment

In his thesis, Ecologically Sustainable Development - Approaches in the Construction Industry, Robert Omahen, University of Regensburg concludes that:

"Hamannwall offers huge savings in embodied energy - 66% for domestic buildings 40% for commercial buildings."

He further states that, Hamannwall uses "fewer raw materials but doesn’t compromise on load bearing capability and the total CO2 saving of Hamannwall, for residential dwellings in Australia would be about 63% or 3.91 million tonnes compared to brick."


High quality finish

The manner in which Hamannwall is manufactured means that both sides, the internal and external surfaces, are finished to a very high quality thereby dramatically reducing construction and finishing time.

Furthermore, the clean dry construction process eliminates the need for bricklaying and most plastering.


More cost effective than other building products

The following chart is based on the construction of a 130m2 demonstration house in Mumbai, India. 
Materials used Hamannwall Building Conventional Building Saving in %
Cement 16 tones 32.55 tones 50.8
Steel 1800 kg 2779 kg 35.2
River sand 20 m3 83.37 m3 76
Granite metal 38 m3 52.46 m3 27.56
Bricks - 57200
Hamannwall 500m² -
Water 50000lt 200000lt 75
Built Area 143m² 154.45m² 8
Labor 389 man days 1200 man days 67.59
Construction Time 21 days 120 days 82
Total Weight of super structure 170 tones 490 tones 65
Construction Cost $US 26,800 $US 36,980 27.5
Embodied energy in kWh 82921 215400 61.5